Rockingham, Vermont

Rockingham, Vermont is a town in the very northeasternmost corner of Windham County. On the east side, it abuts the Connecticut River. To the north, west, and south are the towns of Springfield, Grafton, and Westminster, respectively. Rockingham is interesting in that within its borders are two distinct and well-known incorporated villages: Bellows Falls and Saxtons River. Both village centers are unique and offer their own particular feel, and the rest of Rockingham’s rural areas are completely alluring as well.

The whole of Rockingham consists of about 5,200 people, with the Bellows Falls population composing about three fifths of that number and Saxtons River making up for about ten percent of the population. As their discrepancy in size would indicate, Bellows Falls has a more developed and larger downtown area with some great shops and restaurants, such as the Miss Bellows Falls Diner, which was built in the 1920s and is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Other neat attractions in Bellows Falls include the Bellows Falls Historical Society & Museum, which houses collections of artifacts in addition to preserving historical sites in the area, and the Rockingham Arts & Museum Project, which promotes community art programs and public art installations.

As a much smaller village, Saxtons River has a more quaint and classic Vermont feel in comparison to Bellows Falls. A walk down Main Street in the village will lead you to beautiful old meeting houses and churches, and much of the village center consists of buildings from 1850 or before.

For those inclined to outdoor sports and activities, the Rockingham area offers plenty to do at any time of year. The Bellows Falls Village Forest has great trails for hiking in the summer and cross-country skiing or snowshoeing in the winter, the Connecticut River and the area’s smaller ponds and streams are excellent for those that enjoy boating or swimming, and being so close to great ski resorts like Mount Snow and Stratton Mountain is certainly a plus.

Rockingham is a truly exceptional New England town. It’s two village centers offer much to do and to see, and the more rural areas within the town’s limits allow for the feeling of peaceful seclusion that only the Connecticut River Valley can offer.